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    “love makes life better”

    2014-07-25 12:03:26

    From April 19 to 29, 2014, Hengan volunteers came to Maguan, Yunnan province to help the left-behind children. Volunteers brought shoes, clothes and books for these child poverty in Yunnan province.
    An interview with CCTV:
    charity is the social responsibility of the enterprise CCTV.com reporters did an exclusive interview with Xu Lianjie,the president of Jinjiang Charity Federation , on the topics centered with "creating benevolent city" . Xu Lianjie said:“Jinjiang, as a city full of love, it should be said it lives up to this name,  the moment we founded the charity , all the charitable donations are jointly operated by Jinjiang people from every walk of life.Some of donation are saved from  weddings and funerals without extravagance and waste.It is used to help some poor families to solve their difficulties. So joining the charity is mainly in initiative consideration of contribution we can make to our society.  Second ,The formation of this charity, we did not aim to raise hundreds of millions. At that time, the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee had encouraged entrepreneurs and people from every walks of life to join the charity no matter he is a work or a government official.If  everyone render a piece of love, the world will become more harmonious. It is not money but benevolent love that counts. I think, Jinjiang deserved this honor. I once attended a Chinese charity panegyric activity and shared Jinjiang’s charity experience at the meeting. After listening to what i said, Hui Liangyu highly praised Jinjiang for it charity ideas.Therefore, I think, Jinjiang deserved to be named as a benevolent city.”