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    It is the social responsibility of enterprises to do charity

    2014-07-25 11:56:10

    “It is the social responsibility of enterprises to do charity, as it is the most direct way for enterprises to repay the society . The sense of social responsibility still need to be promoted and strengthened.” Xu Lianjie ( the CEO of the Hengan) said.

    In 2002, Xu Lianjie took the lead in setting up Jinjiang Charity Federation. Up to now, Jinjiang charity federation has accumulated donations more than 1.57 billion yuan.

    In 1997, Hengan group donated 10 million yuan to set up “ Hengan university scholarship”.

    In 1998, Xu Lianjie donated 1 million to support the disaster area caused by devastating flood to rebulid.

    In 2007, Xu Lianjie donated 100 million to Jinjiang Charity Federation.

    In 2008, Hengan Group donated 5 million to support the affected areas caused by rain and snow freeze disaster to rebuild.

    In 2008, Hengan Group donated 10 million after Wenchuan earthquake.

    In 2010, Hengan group donated 100 million yuan to the Jinjiang Charity Federation, and set up “Hengan Charitable Funds”.