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    Purpose & Value

    To the customer

    Since the Consumers are the primary object of Hengan’s service,Hengan must provide healthy and premium products for consumers,through continuous innovation,to meet the needs of current and potential consumers.

    Hengan's development is inseparable from the support and help of upstream and downstream partners, to establish long-term stable communities of interests and strategic partnerships with our partners ,through continued cooperation with our partners, to grow together and share success.

    To the employee

    Hengan regard employees as a valuable asset, fully respecting the rights and interests of employees, providing a platform for all employees to display their talents and ambitions ,and letting the staff grow up and share the achievement of development together with the enterprise.

    To the society

    As a model of corporate citizenship,Hengan actively fulfill corporate citizen's obligation, to assume social responsibility, and to promote the harmonious development of society.

    To the investors 

    Hengan will be responsible for all investors, and strive to make investors get reasonable, sustained and stable earnings.