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    新疆 西川 重慶 廣西 遼寧 天津 山東 陜西 河南 湖北 安徽 湖南 江西 浙江 總部

    Through a diverse range of marketing activities, the brand image and market status of Hengan products have been enhanced.

    Hengan enjoys significant economies of scale benefit through establishment of more than 40 manufacturing companies in 15 provinces (or municipalities or autonomous regions) across the nation, ensuring swift response to market demands for the Company's products.

    Hengan's core competitiveness is underpinned by its nationwide sales network. Through more than 300 sales offices throughout China and some 3,000 distributors, Hengan products are sold in traditional and modern channels, covering around one million retail outlets throughout the nation. For overseas market,Hengan has already established nationwide sales network and also successfully extend footprints in more than 45 countries,such as Philippines,Indonesia,Singapore,Cambodia,Korea,Russia,U.S.A.,Chile,Argentina,U.A.E.,Armenia,Iran,
    Kenya,South Africa,Nigeria,Ghana,Greece,Italy etc.