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    • Mission of Hengan

      To become China’s top-tier supplier of daily products through ongoing innovations and provision of premium products and services

    • Corporate Spirit

      Integrity, diligence, innovation and dedication

    • Business Philosophy

      Growing with you for a better life

    Hengan Group, as the earliest enterprise entering into the sanitary napkins market in China, was established in 1985 and is continuing to develop into the largest hygiene product manufacturer of sanitary napkin, baby & adult diapers, tissue paper & wet wipes etc.

    Total assets of Hengan is more than 3 billion US dollars, the staff number is more than 30,000. There are more than 40 subsidiaries in 14 provinces, 400 nationwide distribution network spreading through the whole China.

    Hengan International Group Co.,Limited was listed on the Union Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited, which is a great milestone. In 2011, Hengan International officially included in the Hang Seng Index constituent stocks.The sales turnover of Hengan is more than 2.7 billion US dollars in 2013.