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    • Mission of Hengan

      To become China’s top-tier supplier of daily products through ongoing innovations and provision of premium products and services

    • Corporate Spirit

      Integrity, diligence, innovation and Dedication

    • Business Philosophy

      Growing with you for a better life

    Group Profile More Detail

    Founded in 1985, Hengan was among the earliest companies tapping China's market for sanitary napkins. We are currently China's largest manufacturer of household tissue paper, ladies' sanitary napkins and disposable baby diapers with more than 40 independent corporations in China and total assets of exceeding RMB20 billion.

    Industry More Detail

    Through a diverse range of marketing activities, the brand image and market status of Hengan products have been enhanced.

    Management Team More Detail

    Hengan adhering to the "growing with you for a better life" business philosophy, is committed to building a harmonious relationship between employees and enterprises, enterprises and society. Hengan Cor is committed to building a learning enterprise, focused on strengthening the training and education managers, constantly open to expand horizons and improve their overall quality, to synchronize with the growth of enterprises, to meet the needs of the professional company, professional management and development.

    Purpose & Value More Detail

    To the customer: The Consumers is the first object of Hengan’s service, Heng must provide healthy and quality products for consumers, and through continuous innovation to meet the needs of current and potential consumers. Hengan's development is inseparable from the upstream and downstream partners to support and help, hang on to establish long-term stable communities of interests with our partners and strategic partnerships, continued cooperation with our partners to develop and grow together and share success.

    To the employee: Hengan regard employees as a valuable asset, fully respect the rights and interests of employees, provide a platform to all employees to display their talents and ambitions , let the staff grow up together with the enterprise, and the development of the enterprise to share the results.

    To the society: Hengan do as a model of corporate citizenship, and actively fulfill corporate citizen's obligation, assume social responsibility, and promote the harmonious development of society.

    To the investors: Hengan will be responsible for all investors, and strive to make investors get reasonable, sustained and stable earnings.

    Company History More Detail

    • 1985

      Hengan Industrial Company Limited was established as one of China’s earliest manufacturers of sanitary napkins, with “Anle” sanitary napkins as its main product. By the end of 1980s, “Anle” became a runaway leader among domestic industry peers, accounting for 40% of nationwide market shares.

    • 1991

      Manufacturing facilities were built in strategic locations throughout the nation, while our first branch company was established in Chongqing. By 2012, Hengan had established over 40 branch companies in 14 provinces/ municipalities with total assets in excess of RMB20 billion.

    • 1993

      Launch of the upgraded sanitary napkins with flaps under the brand name of “Anerle”.

    Honor More Detail

    • 1990

      Anle Sanitary Napkin was awarded "Excellent Product" by the Ministry of Agriculture.

      Hengan was awarded “The national export advanced enterprises” by CAEFI.

      Anle Sanitary Napkin was awarded "Gold Medal of China Woman & Children Necessities 40th Exposition" by seven Ministries (All-China Woman's Federation etc.) and Beijing Municipal Government.

      Hengan was awarded "China Top 300 Foreign Enterprises" by the Foreign Trade Ministry and Statistics Bureau.

    • 1991

      Hengan was awarded "China Top 300 Foreign Enterprises" by the Foreign Trade Ministry and Statistics Bureau.

    • 1992

      Anle Sanitary Napkin was awarded "Recommended Product" by All-China Women's Federation.

      Hengan was awarded the "Golden Cup" of National Joint Venture Household Products Exposition.