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    • Our Drive for Quality

      To manufacture quality, comfortable and hygienic daily products in fulfillment of our mission, namely the pursuit of human health and happiness.

    We continuously explore new better ways to provide customers for a better life. Customers drive us to create and develop new technologies and professional alliances colleagues enable us to innovative products .We are the only Exemplary Enterprise for National Trademark Strategy in Fujian Province, while our Technology Centre is a corporate technology centre at national and provincial level.


    Product Innovation

    Space7 secret pads

    Building on the Space7 brand’s leadership in fashion-forward package design, Four new kinds of romantic fragrances enables you to enjoy your stylish day, accompanying you with different mood, different weather. Space7 secret pads can also help protect you from undies from surprises and last minute spotting .You’re even more charming with secret.

    Ladyjoy natural soft series

    1、Get soft protection that’s great for cottony design. Plus, flexible to move with you.

    2、Using proprietary technology what is better qualities, including serious protection cotton and pearl material. Superior in softness.