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    Home Innovation
    • Our Drive for Quality

      To manufacture quality, comfortable and hygienic daily products in fulfillment of our mission, namely the pursuit of human health and happiness.

    Product Innovation

    Underpinned by a robust drive for technological innovation and commitment to the “consumer-oriented” business philosophy, Hengan has been stepping up its efforts in product research and development by cooperating with domestic and international research institutes and technical colleges, in order to enhance the market competitiveness of new products with technology and new processes. Hengan is the only Exemplary Enterprise for National Trademark Strategy in Fujian Province, while Hengan Technology Centre is a corporate technology centre at national and provincial (Fujian) level.

    • Space7 secret pads
    • Ladyjoy natural soft series

    Technology Innovation

    Hengan consistently improves its technological standards and the quality level of its products by introducing internationally advanced production equipment on a continued basis and actively engaging itself in technological exchanges to keep Hengan products in tandem with advanced international standards.

    • The technology centre provides quality services to drive product improvement.
    • External technology experts collaborating with Hengan technical staff at the site of operation.
    • Production line of Hengan tissue paper.

    Management Innovation

    In line with its commitment to set up a “learning-based enterprise”, with a “people-oriented” management philosophy, Hengan has established a training regime in association with various universities and colleges. The establishment of Hengan Management College has fostered an atmosphere for learning and progress and contributed to ongoing improvements in overall staff quality.

    To reinforce its fundamentals for development in the future century, Hengan engaged Thomas Group of the United States, a famous international management consulting firm, in 2002 to launch an onsite basis full-scale implementation of sophisticated management reforms, with the aim of bringing the Company’s management practices in line with modern international standards and ushering in a period of healthy growth for the Company.

    In 2008, Hengan enlisted the service of Booz Consulting, another well-known international management consulting company, to drive its “second-wave” management reform initiative.